Feature Plants

Achieving that WOW factor in a garden doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly or a difficult thing to achieve. Sometimes jazzing up a space in your garden can be as simple as adding a Feature Plant to accentuate an area drawing the eye in and increasing the visual appeal.

Of course there are many varieties of plants that you can choose from for your special feature in your garden. I will talk about two of my favourite plants that we commonly use here on the Sunshine Coast. They  seem to do really well in this sub tropical environment and clients are always happy with the results. If you live in a different area and are not too sure which way do go in regards to the variety of plants that would suit your environment, pop into your local nursery for some advise.


Probably one of my favourite Feature Plants would be the Furcraea or Mauitus Hemp. This particular plant adds an instance punch to an area, creating a very bold statement. It has a very tropical feel but can  also suit many other garden  styles. It has striking green and white foliage with sharp lines. This is definitely not a plant for a small garden though; given the room it can reach 3-4 metres in width. It is quite a fast growing plant and will grow at its best with a well drained area and in full sun. It is a very good drought tolerant plant.


Another plant we commonly use on the Sunshine Coast is the Giant bromeliad or Alcantarea. There are a few different varieties of these,  we like to use  the  Alcantarea Imperialis or Rubra  which has great colour. These particular plants being part of the bromeliad family MUST have extremely good drainage, they really don’t like to get their feet wet! They do like full to part shade with the best colour achieved with full sun. Again these are extremely drought  tolerant plants which at the moment is a really good thing!

SO if you have an area in your garden which may be a little plain and in need of a focal point think about adding a Feature Plant; it’s a simple way to bring an otherwise boring landscape to life!