Feature pots Sunshine Coast

Adding  an exciting focal point to you garden doesn’t have to be a timely or expensive procedure, it can be as simple as strategically placing a pot in your outdoor design.  

Pots are  a fantastic way of creating that special feature in your garden. With many different varieties and colors to choose from there is a pot to suit any design. Pot varieties include old stone, cement, ceramic, green stone and too many more to mention.

Feature Pots

Including a pot in a water feature can have a stunning result  both aesthetically and also by creating a lovely tanquil environment in which to enjoy. Adding lights to this feature can pack a strong visual punch as the day comes to an end and the sun is setting. 

Take a look at these photos for some fantastic ideas on ways to display pots in your garden on the Sunshine Coast.

 Consider a pot for your next addition to your garden design.