Firepits on the Sunshine coast

It’s certainly starting to cool down here on the Sunshine Coast! One weekend we’re swimming up at Inskip Point the next I have the heater on CRAZY!!

So at this time of year we need to think about what we can do to help us continue our “Outdoor Lifestyle” in these cooler months.

Firepits of course! What better way to enjoy these winter nights than to pull up a pew around a cosy fire. I know that this is certainly a favourite thing to do in our household. The kids love wandering down into the bush to find fire wood and of course a special stick for toasted marshys!

Firepits are also fast becoming quite a popular choice in Landscape design. We are certainly getting more inquiries now into Firepits than we ever have. They make a unique focal point for a design, especially in a small court yard or sectioned of area in your garden.

Types of Firepits

When deciding on which type of Firepit you would like to go with there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration. I guess the main question to ask yourself is do you want a pit that can be mobile or one that is set in place- this will narrow down your choice. The next question is do you want a pit that uses wood/hot coals or Ethanol.

A popular choice at the moment is the Cast Iron Fire Bowl. Check out this one on Grand Designs I really love the shape of this pit and I’m hoping to add it to our backyard…. hint hint!! This type of design would be a great choice if you decide you want to move it in the future. It’s also possible to insert an ethanol burner  or if you like the idea of making your own fire you can do this also.

A couple of benefits of Ethanol Burners that there is no smell or smoke and also no need to clean out any ashes! So this type of flame is definitely the way to go if you have a small balcony area such as in a unit or are restricted to not being able to obtain timber or store it.

The other choice with Firepits is to have a built in option,  these are generally  made from concrete, bricks or stone. I do like the cosy look of stone and they really do suit particular designs more so than the metal bowls.