Greenwalls on the Sunshine Coast

A Greenwall  or vertical garden consists  of vegetation grown on a vertical support system either freestanding or attached to an existing building/wall.

Greenwalls are the ‘IN THING’ with Garden designs at the moment but not necessarily restricted to just the outside! They are becoming very popular additions to office’s or even lounge rooms. You may have seen the recent episode of ‘The Block’ where Josh and Jenna used a vertical garden in their kitchen/dinning area. It made a HUGE impact to their design. This is proving a popular choice for people to create a living, evolving work of art within their homes.

Probably the most fantastic thing about a Greenwall is that it uses minimal floor space. Therefore Greenwalls make an excellent addition to apartment Balconies or small house blocks where space is limited.

Its safe to say that Greenwalls look fantastic and really add a visual WOW factor to any garden design.  They are a great way to add interest to a dull or tired looking wall maybe on a patio or deck area. Even great for breaking up a long boring fence creating interest points.

Another very handy usage for  a Greenwall is to use it for growing Herbs or veges. Check out these images for some cool ideas. In my home I have a small vertical garden situated outside my kitchen window on our deck. It’s so fabulously handy making it much easier to pop out and pick some fresh herbs to chuck in my cooking or breakfast shakes in the morning, rather then walking down to the vege patch!

There are many different vertical wall systems that you can choose from many of them having a DIY option. One system that we have used comes in a flat pack form which is very easy to assemble (even the kids helped!) and attach to a wall. Check out the Gro-Wall system  you will see some great photos of Greenwalls and directions on how to assemble. Or get creative and make your own! I love the idea of creating a vertical herb garden with a simple pallet.

Greenwalls on the Sunshine Coast

We have played around with a few different varieties of plants for our vertical wall systems and have found a few that seem to work really well with our climate here on the Sunshine Coast. These include, Xanadu philodendron, varieties of bromeliads, ferns (shade only) spathiphyllums, agaves, liriope, rhoeo,  birds nest fern, anthurium

The key to creating a successful Greenwall is to Choose the right plants for the environment and also an irrigation system is most beneficial.