Hamilton Island style Garden in your own backyard

We were recently lucky enough to visit the beautiful Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, what a  treat! Apart from the lovely views, fabulous warm weather and abundance of   swimming locations we really enjoyed the Landscaping on Hamilton island.

It got us thinking how do we create a Hamilton style garden in our own   backyards? Well lucky for us it is not as hard to achieve as you would think.
It was interesting to note that a lot of the plants used on the island were  of the same variety that we use here on the Sunshine Coast. This included  spider Lily’s, crotons, cordylines, Ixoras and Cycads. We also found it interesting that they included a lot of hedging in their designs with the use of Lily pillys. It’s not something you would generally think of using when you are creating a tropical design but it certainly worked.

On a whole the best way to describe their way of planting would be to say that they use a lot of one species and mass plant it. Their gardens are full of plants with generally no mulch showing. Of course the tropical environment at Hamilton Island certainly helps the growth of the plants, all the plants  were large and lush!

Apart from the gardens on the island we also loved the use of stone and  timber. Nearly every building either incorporated the blue stone in the buildings or on the front fence as pillars with the use of timber as the  slats.  Add to that a beautiful garden in front and what an entrance!

We also visited the Yacht club villas whose landscaping was designed by Jamie Durie. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed access through to the units but we managed to get a pretty good look at some of the gardens. Check out the following photo. He used a lot of big plants including bamboos and palm trees. Overall it looked very lush and inviting.

We had to give credit to the maintenance staff also on the island there  wasn’t a blade of grass out of place, it seemed that every apartment you drove past took pride in the gardens and really looked after them.

So how do we create a Hamilton Island worthy Garden?
I think there are a few key points you would need to consider

  1.  Mass planting– no need to include lots of different variety of plants just   stick to a few and mass plant these. I would suggest spider Lilly’s, ixoras,   cycads, rhoeos or for a splash of colour crotons or cordylines.
  2.  Include a few round lily pilly hedges
  3.  Incorporate some blue stone and timber into your design.
  4.  Maintenance! I think this was one of the main reasons the gardens looked   so amazing that they took the time to look after them.

Really this type of garden  is very achievable in your own home, there was nothing done on Hamilton Island that we can’t replicate here on the Sunshine Coast. The biggest thing to remember is KEEP IT SIMPLE, there was nothing fancy or hard about the designs just a lot of plants  which are readily available here on the Sunshine Coast in all good nursery’s.