Currimundi Beach House Sunshine Coast

This stunning Beach front holiday home at Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast was beautifully landscaped to melt in with its coastal surrounds. 

The incredibly steep front entry of the property was transformed to include a lovely meandering floating path to the front entrance of the house. The visual affect is amazing with each step appearing as it is indeed floating in the garden. Being a very sanding site,  specific procedures needed to take place for this to succeed.

On the beach side of the property original pandanus palms were left in place with added Sir Walter grass rolling down to meet the sand dunes, creating a stunning outlook to the beach. With beaching being a regular occurance at this holiday residence a very much needed “Outdoor Shower” was created for a quick wash off before entering the home.

Sunshine Coast Beach House Landscaping 

The use off recycled materials was also used largely on this project to create a natural appearance. Totem poles made from old wharf piers make an interesting walk up the drive way. Also the use of old railway sleepers in the driveway creates a very unique looking entrance to the property.  The front gate of the property includes rammed earth walls on either side setting the style of the home on entry.



Planting style was in keeping with the natural surrounding vegetation of the area. Including grass trees, bottle brush, grasses, tree ferns and pigs face.  The garden appears as it has been there for many years.

“Living Style Landscapes” was greatful to have had the opportunity to work on such a fantastic project.