QLD Garden Expo


We recently helped our friends from Sanctum Screens to create a lovely display at the QLD Garden Expo to showcase the fabulous Designer screens Sanctum has to offer. The display encorporated a lovely greenwall to set of the screens.


A few lovely picks from the Qld Garden Expo.

Sanctum Screens

If you have any queries regarding the screens or the greenwall please contact us


Queensland Homes Outdoor Living Magazine



Well it’s getting close to that time of year again when we gather our thoughts and decide on which project we would like to showcase in this years Queensland Homes Outdoor Living magazine. It’s always a tough choice narrowing it down to just one job that we have completed over the past year but we think this year is a cracker!

The project that we decided to go with is situated in the very beautiful Montville/ Maleny region in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Living Style Landscapes has produced many lovely projects in the area with this one taking the cake for pristine surrounds and amazing pavilion style residence.

The very talented Anastasia greeted us last week on a very lovely Autumn afternoon to take the pics.

Anastasia in Action


The magazine is still in the collaboration phase so has not yet gone to print but we will keep you posted as to when we can anticipate its release.

 click here to see before and after photos of project

Feature pots Sunshine Coast

Adding  an exciting focal point to you garden doesn’t have to be a timely or expensive procedure, it can be as simple as strategically placing a pot in your outdoor design.  

Pots are  a fantastic way of creating that special feature in your garden. With many different varieties and colors to choose from there is a pot to suit any design. Pot varieties include old stone, cement, ceramic, green stone and too many more to mention.

Feature Pots

Including a pot in a water feature can have a stunning result  both aesthetically and also by creating a lovely tanquil environment in which to enjoy. Adding lights to this feature can pack a strong visual punch as the day comes to an end and the sun is setting. 

Take a look at these photos for some fantastic ideas on ways to display pots in your garden on the Sunshine Coast.


 Consider a pot for your next addition to your garden design.

The Benefits of Landscaping your home on the Sunshine Coast

Landscaping can often be overlooked when it comes to building or renovating our homes. Property owners generally put all their hard work and money into creating the perfect home within, but  neglect to include the outside area. This is unfortunate as the first thing we see when inspecting a property is the outside!

Check out these before and after photos to see the complete transformation of these properties after landscaping works were undertaken.

Landscaping can add significant value to a property,  especially landscaping on the Sunshine coast as we tend to spend the majority of our time outside enjoying the lovely weather that the coast has to offer.

Landscaping your property on the Sunshine Coast

Take a look at this article which has some fantastic suggestions on what types of landscaping adds value to your home,  it also has a great budget guideline.  Article weekender

If you are thinking of selling your property and want that extra edge in the current flooded market, think about spending a little extra time and money on sprucing up your outside ‘living space’ to add that extra wow factor to your home.

Tropical Landscaping on the Sunshine Coast

Living in the Sub-tropics provides the perfect environment to create a stunning Tropical inspired garden on the Sunshine Coast.

With our temperate weather and summer rains our climate is suitable for introducing a wide variety of tropical style planting into our outdoor spaces. This allows us to create a very lush and colourful surrounding. Varieties of plants can include bromeliads, Crotons, Heliconias, bamboos, gingers and palms.

Another fabulous way of enhancing your area to take on that tropical lush look and sound of a rainforest is to include water features. This could be a running waterfall or a pot filled with water and plants. This will create more of an eco-system for your garden and encourage animals and insects such as frogs.

Tropical Designs Sunshine Coast


‘Landscaping around pools’ can be complemented very well when using a tropical influence. Living Style Landscaping has been involved with many Tropical Designs around pools and other outdoor areas…….  creating some very peaceful and lush surrounds for there owners to love and enjoy the feel of a tropical hideaway.

For THE most amazing Tropical Garden that you can visit in Brisbane check out Denis Hundscheidts website for open garden details.

Currimundi Beach House Sunshine Coast

This stunning Beach front holiday home at Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast was beautifully landscaped to melt in with its coastal surrounds. 

The incredibly steep front entry of the property was transformed to include a lovely meandering floating path to the front entrance of the house. The visual affect is amazing with each step appearing as it is indeed floating in the garden. Being a very sanding site,  specific procedures needed to take place for this to succeed.

On the beach side of the property original pandanus palms were left in place with added Sir Walter grass rolling down to meet the sand dunes, creating a stunning outlook to the beach. With beaching being a regular occurance at this holiday residence a very much needed “Outdoor Shower” was created for a quick wash off before entering the home.

Sunshine Coast Beach House Landscaping 

The use off recycled materials was also used largely on this project to create a natural appearance. Totem poles made from old wharf piers make an interesting walk up the drive way. Also the use of old railway sleepers in the driveway creates a very unique looking entrance to the property.  The front gate of the property includes rammed earth walls on either side setting the style of the home on entry.



Planting style was in keeping with the natural surrounding vegetation of the area. Including grass trees, bottle brush, grasses, tree ferns and pigs face.  The garden appears as it has been there for many years.

“Living Style Landscapes” was greatful to have had the opportunity to work on such a fantastic project. 


Stone Tiling Sunshine Coast Pools

With the range ever increasing  and the cost of importing stone dropping, Stone is becoming a very popular and economical tiling choice for “Pool Landscaping” on the Sunshine Coast or to finish off any outdoor area.

The benifits of stone is the natural earthy beauty it exudes, the coolness under foot and also the non-slip surface which is a must around “Pool Landscaping”.

There are many different varieties to choose from when it comes to Stone including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Bluestone, Sandstone and more. The colour range of stone is huge ranging from blacks/greys through to orange and white, there is a stone to suit any style of home. Sizing of stone is also very broad ranging from 200 x 200  to larger square tiles- also available in rectangle or can be custom made to suit any design.  Customising of stone is easy with the ability to have bullnose tiles for coping around a pool or steps.  There is also the choice of different thicknesess and  the finish on the surface of the tile. Finishes can be sandblasted, honed, natural or flamed for many different results to suit a range of applications.

To check out product varieties visit Slate and Stone for an extensive range of “Stone Tiles”

Stone Tiling Sunshine Coast

With the correct treatment of sealants all stone is just as durable, long lasting and easy care as cermaic tiles but with the natural beauty of stone. Contact Living Style Landscapes if you have any questions on Natural Stone Tiling.


Garden Lighting Design Ideas

Unfortunately when it comes to residential landscaping often “Garden Lighting” can be over looked.  Garden lighting is a fabulous way to enhance your landscape project, it helps to take on many new dimensions in your outdoor space.

There are now so many different garden lighting products to choose from with some very striking results. Noosa Lighting has an extensive range of outdoor lighting. Check out their gallery page for some ideas to style your garden and call Living Style Landscapes for your Sunshine Coast Garden Landscaping and outdoor garden lighting design ideas and construction.

The best use for garden lighting is to illuminate your special features in your landscape. This could be a stunning feature tree, running waterfall and of course a pool area. Another idea is to light up decking by using recessed lights in the timber.  This is such a fabulous way to light up a walk way at night.

 Living Style Landscapes has many years experience with the installation of “Garden Lighting” from your small outdoor room to your large upmarket residential projects and also in the commercial sector.

Sunshine Coast Garden Lighting


Click here to see more “Sunshine Coast Garden Lighting photos and ideas

One very rewarding way to enjoy your newly landscaped gardens is to kick back as the sun is fading, turn on your “garden Lighting” and enjoy the transformation.

Sunshine Coast Pool Landscapers

It’s leading up to the busiest time of the year for Living Style Sunshine Coast Landscape Design especially for swimming pool landscaping.  It’s around this time that our thoughts turn to our ‘outdoor living spaces’ and what we  need achieve for the summer months to come.
Obviously, living on the Sunshine Coast we love the sun and the warmth and what better way to enjoy our beautiful summer weather than being in and around a lovely pool!

Click here to see more Pool Design and Landscaping Photos

Sunshine Coast Pool Landscape designs

Living Style Landscape Design on the Sunshine Coast has over 16 years experience in pool landscaping working closely with some of the Sunshine Coasts leading pool building companies. With so many elements to consider with a pool- tiling, decks, glass fencing, pavilions, water features etc, pool landscaping is very enjoyable for us and rewarding. There’s nothing better than stepping back when it’s all done and taking in what has been created.
Looking forward to a hot summer on the Sunshine Coast kicking back in a pool after what seems to have been a long cold winter!

Queensland Homes-Outdoor Living Magazine Cover



WE MADE THE COVER! Check us out in the latest addition of Queensland homes- Outdoor living magazine.  With a great spread on page 56 of a stunning project featuring, imported Indian windows & door, custom made granite pavers, recycled timber features, pavilion and running water fall. An exciting project to have been involved with.