This beautiful architectural home and landscape was designed to blend in with the natural bush surrounds of Montville. With the use of organic bluestone steppers and recycled timber, natural

bush rock and carefully chosen plants such as a unique bottle tree and grass trees, all elements work well to complement the home.

The boulder walls were softened with pockets of planting and angled back into the surrounding environment.

The use of recycled 400 x 400 timber totems with one burnt face were positioned vertically as you enter the home with Maleny bush rock boulders scattered throughout. Specially made concrete sleeper steppers brought elements of the industrial style of the house into the landscape.

A stroll through the garden will lead over a pond with a large 1200 x 1200 blue stone stepper through to an inviting outdoor area with fire bowl and recycled timber seating which take in the stunning sunsets over the Baroon Pocket dam.

Landscape Design – Conlon Group

Photography – Manson Images