Paramount Infloor Pool Cleaning System

Living Style Co as a licensed  “Paramount  PCC 2000” infloor cleaning installer is able to offer you the opportunity to include infloor cleaning as a key part of your new concrete pool specification. Your pool will be crystal clear and free of debris with very little routine maintenance.

This eco friendly system cleans and circulates the entire water column from the surface of the pool to the floor, for a more comfortable swimming experience, reduced chemical use and significant energy savings.

Each in-floor cleaning system is cleverly engineered to clean your entire pool, including traditionally hard to clean areas such as steps, benches and even spas. Installed during the pool shell construction stage, water is returned to exactly positioned nozzles in the floor of the pool which direct debris towards the maindrain. The pop up nozzles retract flush to the pool floor after use and are available in a range of colours to compliment your chosen pool interior.

As with air conditioning , which was once an option when you bought your new car . We believe an infloor cleaning and circulation system should be a standard inclusion in a new high quality concrete swimming pool . Paramount are the world leaders in this technology which is why we have partnered with them and installed many of these Infloor cleaning systems to very happy clients on the sunshine coast.

Cleans, Circululates and Protects your asset – For the ultimate pool owner experience you need to consider infloor cleaning. 
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