Resort Style Living in your home Garden

We recently visited a 5 star resort on the Gold Coast and were surprised to see that they used the same stone tiles that we use on many of our Landscaping projects. It made us think how over the years materials have certainly become more readily available to the average person allowing us to achieve that 5 star resort feel in our own homes.

We have many clients who have been to Bali or  other exotic destinations, they bring back photos with them in the hope that we might be able to recreate that look. In the past this was always a difficult timely exercise with many hours of research into where we may be able to obtain specific materials. Things are definitely easier now with generally only one phone call or a quick search on the internet needed to source our products.

Recently we had a client wanting to create a very large Koi Fish pond. He was a seasoned traveller, being a captain of a boat so he had many photos from resorts around the world of how he wanted his fish pond to look. It was great to be able to create something that had been made in another part of the world and have a similar result.

We also had a client who had recently visited Bali and had taken a lovely photo of a water feature with a Balinese statue in it. It was their dream to have this feature at their front door so that every time they entered the home they were reminded of their travels.

Tips for Resort Style Living

Here are a few ideas to help you create Resort Style Living in your home.

  •  Water Feature -When I think about all the resorts I have visited over the years they nearly all have a water feature of some sort. Especially as you enter a foyer.
  • Stone – Stone Tiling and cladding is definitely a material which is used a lot around resorts.
  • Plants – Generally tropical style planting is used and also mass planting of particular species.
  • Gazebos – Consider putting in some type of small pavilion for a chill out area!
  • Lighting – With LED lights and high quality fittings lighting is becoming cheaper and easier to install. Lighting definitely brings gardens to life at night time and nothing gives you that 5 star feel like Garden Lighting

It’s a nice way to model your outdoor design from the likes of a fancy 5 star resort…..we may never feel the need to holiday again!