Tips on adding value to your home

Maybe your garden needs some jazzing up and is in need of a change, or possibly you have a party or family staying at your home or even getting your home valued.  Here are a few simple yet effective tips that you can implement in your garden to add value to your property,  that are easy enough that you can do over the weekend with minimal effort and expense.

Tidy up

  • Firstly and the one thing that I like to do regularly is to get rid of any clutter that you have lying around your home. We often leave things lying around our home that really have no place.  Also pressure clean off driveways , pathways, concrete areas and decks outside of the home. Remember less is always best! and a simple thing like this makes a huge difference.

Outdoor Seating 

  • As  Aussies we love the outdoor lifestyle so a practical area in your landscape where you can relax, enjoy and entertain can be very appealing.  It doesn’t have to be an outdoor kitchen! This can be as simple and cheap as creating a space with some pavers or decking and adding an outdoor setting. You can also spruce this area with some bold cushions a throw and some outdoor candles.


  • A simple tidy up of the gardens by pruning off any dead foliage and trimming any hedges makes an instant impact. Even more so is mulching. Mulching gives a tired garden an instance lift and its a simple thing that we can do over the weekend that will make the gardens look much more presentable and appealing. If you have any bare spots in your garden pop in a bit of colour.


  • Pots really are a simple but hugely effective way to add some WOW to your property.  We recently visited a resort in Byron Bay and they had some beautiful feature pots which really brought the whole landscape design together. We thought this would be very simple to replicate. Check out the photo on the left.


  • Screens are another really effective way to add some spunk to your garden and they are definitely the ‘in thing’ to do at the moment.  The variety is HUGE now with more options available of design and materials.  Check out Sanctum screens Face book page and website to get some ideas on the different designs that are available. There are DIY options available or you can also get custom made screens to fit into any position.

By simple doing some or all of these projects you can really lift a tired and boring garden into one which is much more appealing and enjoyable.

Remember  landscaping  is the first impression people will have of your property!