Tropical Landscaping on the Sunshine Coast

Living in the Sub-tropics provides the perfect environment to create a stunning Tropical inspired garden on the Sunshine Coast.

With our temperate weather and summer rains our climate is suitable for introducing a wide variety of tropical style planting into our outdoor spaces. This allows us to create a very lush and colourful surrounding. Varieties of plants can include bromeliads, Crotons, Heliconias, bamboos, gingers and palms.

Another fabulous way of enhancing your area to take on that tropical lush look and sound of a rainforest is to include water features. This could be a running waterfall or a pot filled with water and plants. This will create more of an eco-system for your garden and encourage animals and insects such as frogs.

Tropical Designs Sunshine Coast

‘Landscaping around pools’ can be complemented very well when using a tropical influence. Living Style Landscaping has been involved with many Tropical Designs around pools and other outdoor areas…….  creating some very peaceful and lush surrounds for their owners to love and enjoy the feel of a tropical hideaway.