Water Features

Are you thinking about adding a feature to your garden? Why not think about creating a Water Feature in your outdoor design, it can add a captivating statement.

I personally love the sound of a running waterfall it is such a peaceful thing to listen to and it kind of takes you away to another place! It’s also a great way to filter unwanted noise such as a busy highway near your home or neighbours.

I was lucky enough to recently have a Water Feature installed on our deck outside our kitchen area. It’s still a work in progress but we now have the water flowing and I love it more than I thought I would.  It really does bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to this area and it’s a bonus that I can listen to it while I’m preparing dinner.

It’s also proved to be very popular with the wildlife. We have attracted some beautiful little frogs and the native bees are really enjoying the flowers from the water lily’s.

 Water Feature ideas

Obviously there are many different directions in which you can go with Water Features. If you are lucky enough to have acreage there are endless options available to you. Starting with large water courses running down a hillside, Dams with water running into them or for smaller properties scaling down to a simple bowl or statue. By adding rocks, boulders  and plants to your Water Feature will help bring it to life and create an environment just like that found in nature.

To give you some ideas on what you can create in your backyard, check out some of these Water Features that we have created.

You may also like to a look at this website for some easy to install Water features situated on the Sunshine Coast.